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  1. Air transport:
    • Direct shipping to & from all main European and global airports 
    • Regular import consolidation
      • from The Far East (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei)
      • from the USA 
    • Individual charters and cargo projects 
    • Air cargo transit via Moscow and St. Petersburg 
    • Domestic airfreight in Russia and other eastern countries
  1. Customs clearance in almost every international airport:
    • RUSSIA (Moscow, St. Petersburg and others) 
    • BELARUS (Minsk) 
    • KAZAKHSTAN (Astana, Almaty)
    • UZBEKISTAN (Tashkent) 
    • UKRAINE (Kiev, Odessa)
  2. Delivery to final consignee

    Contracts with major international airlines allow to generate optimal solutions for our Customers, both for general and special cargo.

  • road-freight
  • sea-freight
  • intermodal-freight
  • rail-freight
  • custom-services