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Why SUUS Logistics?

Why should I entrust organization of transport of my shipments to the east to SUUS Logistics?

SUUS Logistics has been conducting dedicated eastern projects for the biggest international Clients for years. On the basis of our experience we created  a package of regular services available to all Clients, both corporations and small and medium businesses from all over Europe.

If you choose to cooperate with SUUS Logistics, you will benefit from our year-long experience, which we have been building while working with global organisations, and services will be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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Which form of transport should I choose?

I am not sure which form of transport I should choose to export my goods to a selected country so as the process is smooth and cost-effective?

If you are not sure which form of transport to choose while you’re planning export of your shipments to the east, contact our specialist, who will ask about your needs and on the basis he will discuss different options and recommend the best solution for you.

Groupage road transport – how long does it last?

I have groupage orders from many European countries - how long will transport to each of them last?

Groupage road transport from European countries to Poland is carried out according to a fixed schedule of regular connections between countries, which you can find here: International Groupage Connections (http://www.suus.com/international_groupage)

Next shipment are consolidated at the terminal in Poland and transported by groupage lines to the east according to the below timetable:

Pick-up Departure from terminal Arrival to terminal Delivery in Russia
Poland             Poznan MOSKWA-KHIMKI RU


Fleet avaibility

Do I have a warranty of fleet availability in eastern directions during cooperation with SUUS Logistics?

To provide you always available shipping service, we have been building a base of reliable subcontractors on eastern directions for many years. They've been cooperating with us both in long-term projects and single orders. What is extremely important: their trucks work exlusively for our organisation.

Therefore, several hundred vehicles of different size is at you disposal in every moment of  the business week, and they work for you even if you are asleep.

We motivate our subcontractors to a reliable cooperation with long-term contracts, bonuses and discounts, as well as exclusive contracts.

Safety in road transport

Can I be sure my shipments will be delivered safe?

Your goods will be transported only by hand of tested, reliable and longterm subcontractors and drivers from our own-built base of road carriers. The transport quality and safety of your shipments we monitor with:

  • central fleet management system
  • verification system of subcontractors and their fleet
  • regular assessment and monitoring of subcontractors and their vehicles
  • projects dedicated subcontractors, including those working exclusively for us
  • periodic trainings of drivers and their supervisors for dedicated projects which we carry out for our Clients

Reloading terminals and shipments’ service

Will my shipments be reloaded in appropriate conditions?

Most of the shipments and goods consolidation goes ahead in Poland, where ROHLIG SUUS Logistics has site of own logistics complexes of total surface of 100 000 sqm at its disposal. The complexes consist of high bay warehouses with separate terminal surface equipped with several dozen reloading docks.
See photos (www.goeast.eu/road-freight-shipments-via-our-hubs)

All reloading terminals meet parameters of European standards.

Shipments’ service is carried out in modern transportation system TMS Speed and contract logistics is managed by world-class Red Prairie Warehouse Management System.

Import from China/both Americas and transport to the East

I import goods from China to one of European ports and I use road freight to export them to the east. Are other transport solutions possible?

Our Clients are proposed with various solutions of the organization of supply chain. For instance, it can be a direct sea-freight from China to Saint Petersburg’s port, also with further distribution across the Russian territory. Another way is to organize a sea-freight to a Polish port in Gdańsk and distribute goods on Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian markets.

All of these solutions we organise both for FCL and LCL shipments.

A possibility of partial deconsolidation of goods coming from both Americas and China and then shipping them to Europe and to the East deserves a special attention. All our solutions are complementary and give possibilities to purchase door-to-door delivery services.

More details about alternative supply chains options to the east you will receive after contact with our experts.

When rail-freight?

In which situations is it advisable to choose rail transport?

Rail freight is extremely fit to transportation of heavy goods and oversize cargo such as machines, fittings, construction chemicals (and many more) to distant localizations in the East like Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan. What’s more, it is also the most ecological means of transport.

Rail freight is particularly interesting when transported a large quantity of goods at one time.

Shipments are transported from Europe to Poland by road-freight, reloaded into broad-gauge rail-freight and delivered to the final recipients in the East.

Problems with documentation and requirements of authorities

Shall I be afraid of matters connected to documentation and requirements of authorities in the east?

No, because when we accept an order from you, we take a full responsibility over contact with eastern countries authorities and we provide a complex documentation service. We perfectly know that each delivery chain for consignees on the East starts from designing of documents' circulation process as well as their form.

Problems with the language (with the Cyrillic alphabet)

I don’t know the Cyrillic alphabet and I’ll have problems in contact with my recipient in the east.

There is no need for you to master the Cyrillic alphabet. Our experts speak English, Russian and Ukrainian fluently. When we accept an order to the east, we also take responsibility to communicate with consignees, as well as with eastern countries authorities.

Who should I contact with regard to transport

I would like to inquire about a few forms of transport and I don’t know which person I should choose?

It doesn’t matter which person to contact you choose. After examining your needs a contact person will direct you to a chosen expert. In case you need a complex offer including many options, the person will consult product experts and prepare a complex offer for you.

Contact our Professionals

Invoicing in Russia

I would like my services to be invoiced by my office in Russia – is it possible?  

Yes, the office of SUUS Logistics  in Russia is a separate company according to Russian law. With regard to this fact, our subsidiary  in Russia can be a party in signing a contract, receive orders and invoice Russian companies in local currency RUR

Convoys and additional customs services

I have high-value goods – should I always order a convoy and how is it organised?

Convoying of goods to the place of final customs clearance is imposed by authorities of Belarus and Russia.  The appearance of such an obligation depends on many factors, main being a value of customs liabilities.

Correct customs classification of goods

I heard that the customs classification  of goods causes much trouble and it is hard to predict the demands of authorities in this matter.

Our clients receive complete advisory in the area of customs classification of goods. From this point we start creating accurate export documents.
Our customs brokers have been supporting our clients in the process of customs classification and advisory in customs issues for many years. Our experience indicates that such consultations are most effective when final recipients of goods participate in them.

Full-truck transport–which service should I choose?

Which FTL service should I order – a basic option or one with additional services?

It depends on the complexity of the supply chain and how it is designed and organized. A separate phases of transport such as preparation of shipment, export formalities, loading and transport, transit services, import formalities and final delivery  require first of all legal coordination.

Therefore, we usually recommend full-tuck transport with additional services since then we are fully responsible for safe transport and on-time delivery to consignees, while you can focus on more effective running of your business and making profit.

Guaranteed delivery time in FTL services

I need FTL service with guaranteed delivery time – is it possible?

Yes, we provide FTL service with guaranteed delivery time. It’s a project attitude, in which each phase of transport is carefully planned and monitored according to precise Client’s requirements. This kind of service proves especially well in cases when time and availability of goods in shops at a specific time have crucial influence on the level of sales.

Correctly delivered documents

Why does SUUS Logistics pay so much attention to delivery of full documentation by the sender?

Complete documentation is a basis in transport to the east. Delivery of accurate documents is a key to smooth crossing of the boarder and further turnover of  goods on eastern markets.

The documents include among  others:

  • Contract
  • Invoice
  • Specification of goods
  • Country of origin certificates
  • Specification of goods with the of value of each customs codes – „РАЗБИТКА”
  • Bill of consignment -  CMR
  • Customs bond of shipment – carnet TIR
  • Product and sanitary certificates, attestations etc. which admit products to turnover in a target country
  • Export declaration

Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and others

I’m considering export of goods to more exotic and distant destinations on the east like Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan Uzbekistan because of their fast economic development and increasing import needs but I’m afraid that the organization of transport  may be troublesome.

Over a couple of years we have been noting an increase in shipments to countries like Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan Uzbekistan. In case of these countries the choice of means of transport is of greatest importance. On the basis of our experience we know that the best solution is rail-freight since road infrastructure is not sufficiently developed there, and the remaining means of  transport, that is air-freight, are too costly.

Rail transport proves especially well in case of transport of heavy and over-gauged goods i.e. machines, fittings, building chemistry (but not only) to distant destinations on the east. Additionally, rail-freight is the most ecological means of transport.

Is it profitable for me to use forwarding services?

I run a small or medium company - is it profitable for me to use forwarding services?

There are many situations in which the use of forwarding services brings many benefits. Especially small and medium companies notice great cost cuts by ordering the coordination of the whole supply chains and management of greater number of subcontractors to one forwarder.

Then they avoid affordable costs  like employment of additional staff, purchase of vehicles, maintenance of warehouses, investments in IT solutions etc. Moreover, they save time, which they would have to devote to undergo a complex and expensive process of learning how to manage  delivery chains and can focus on their core business and sales.