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ROHLIG SUUS Logistics with a new tax warehouse service

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics offers a new service of a logistics operator’s tax warehouse, which enables storage and trans-shipment of excise goods under the excise duty suspension procedure, such as alcohol, cigarettes, or gear oils.

Advantages of a tax warehouse include a possibility of storing domestic or EU excise goods under the excise duty suspension procedure for any time; the only limitation is the best before date. The service also makes it possible to place excise bands on goods exported from other EU Member States in a tax warehouse, with no need to put the bands on abroad. It is also possible to postpone the payment of excise duty until the goods are taken from the warehouse, which may be particularly important for companies which keep permanent stock level and which care about financial flows resulting from the obligation of paying excise duty.

However, these are not the only advantages for clients, as a tax warehouse facilitates flexible management of goods inventories, putting excise bands on and sending only the quantities of goods required at the moment. That translates into the reduction of time and costs of logistics operations because there is no need to consolidate orders.

As Anna Galas, Contract Logistics Director at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics, emphasizes, “We are one of few operators in the Polish market who offer a service of this type, one which enables elimination of agents’ commission and facilitates logistics procedures. Moreover, a support provided by a professional logistics operator gives our clients an opportunity to purchase the goods directly at manufacturers’,” says the operator’s representative.

The location of the tax warehouse is defined by a permit issued by tax authorities. It also specifies a group of taxable goods which are objects of the tax warehouse’s activities. Furthermore, the operation of the tax warehouse is subject to inspection of tax authorities. To introduce that services, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics also had to meet additional conditions and complete additional formalities resulting from legal regulations, including regulations on excise tax.