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Groupage consolidations for 32 automotive suppliers - from Europe to Russia

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics has signed a long term contract for providing logistic services to one of the leading automobile parts manufacturer on the world market. According to the agreed frames of the cooperation the logistic operator is responsible for transport and consolidation of goods from 32 suppliers from all over Europe as well as for regular deliveries to the customer's two manufacturing plants in Russia. SUUS Logistics employees take the responsibility for customer service on the Russian side.

Customer service comprises receiving goods from the customer's 32 European suppliers  - twice a week in form of full truck loads or groupage loads, deconsolidation and reconsolidation of the goods into dedicated shipments on a specially accommodated storage area in a logistics center in Katowice (Czeladz) and finally weekly FTL transports to two manufacturing plants in Russia: one in St. Petersburg and another one in Togliatti. Beside supervising the whole supply chain door to door, ROHLIG SUUS is responsible for custom service in Europe as well as in Russia.

The logistics operator implemented a number of dedicated solutions according to the customer's expectations: trade in multi-use packaging with the European manufacturers, packing up products in disposable packages before shipment and training the customer's suppliers in legal subjects applying in Russia as well as in transport formalities and requirements of the recipients in St. Petersburg and Togliatti.

Additionally taking up the tender, the logistics company was obliged to offer the possibility to act as technical exporter, which means, that in case of demand it buys all the parts and then resells and exports them to Russia. The customer is entitled to use this service whenever it is needed.

Performing the services the logistics operator manages the whole transport process and the warehouse stocks using two systems: TMS Speed and WMS RedPraire. The systems are fully integrated with the customer's SAP and connected to it with a common interface. Thanks to this fact current reporting and a smooth flow of documentation are possible and easy.

The contract has become effective in the first days of 2014.