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ROHLIG SUUS Logistics first in Iran

After nearly 20 years of isolation, on January 16th 2016 the United States and the European Union have abolished financial and economic sanctions imposed on Iran. The decision opens up a huge market for investors. In September 2015 Polish companies went with economic mission, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy. It was attended by more than 100 different entrepreneurs, among which was also ROHLIG SUUS Logistics - the only company representing the Polish transport and logistics branch.

Hidden potential

Iran is a country with huge economic potential, with a population of nearly 80 million people. It is the largest market in the Middle East. Its economy also stands out against other countries in the region. It ranks fourth in the world in terms of oil reserves and has the largest deposits of natural gas, the reserves of which are estimated at 33,6 billion m3.

The advantages of Iran are: a relatively stable legal system and the internal situation. Because of the economic sanctions the country for many years was cut off from the western market, and its main trading partners were, among others, China, India, Korea and Turkey. Currently, the lifting of the economic sanctions opens Iran to Europe and gives the chance to launch new transport corridors. Iran is a country of strategic importance for the whole region, from which it is possible to distribute to the neighboring countries, and after the lifting of the sanctions, its position will increase even more.

Extensive possibilities

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics as a Polish logistics company with global capabilities decided to use the potential of Iran. - We are seeing a lot of interest among our customers who are looking for new sales markets. With a flat management structure, we make decisions quickly. We decided to be the first Polish logistics company, which would launch a comprehensive forwarding services on the Iranian market. We organized our participation in the economic mission, where we completed the first arrangements aimed at our presence in Iran - says Tadeusz Chmielewski, Chairman of the Board of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics and adds: - During the mission we met many Polish entrepreneurs who were planning foreign expansion into the Iranian market and we want to effectively support their debut on that market. In addition, the change of the political situation means new business opportunities for both Polish and European companies, in which we want to actively participate.

New transport corridors

During the mission ROHLIG SUUS Logistics signed a cooperation agreement with the Iranian partner, operating in the intermodal transport (sea, rail and road transport) on the route Iran - Poland and sea freight between the Far East and Iran. According to a representative of ROHLIG SUUS the new transport corridors that will rise due to the opening of the Iranian borders will reduce transport times on some courses, among others, from India to Europe and from China to the countries of the Caucasus region. Noteworthy is also the fact that Iran has a railway infrastructure, and most major cities are connected by a network of highways. In addition, Iran is the largest market in the region, and from its territory goods can be distributed to selected neighboring countries. Therefore there are many perspectives of creation of a potentially new transport corridors. - We are an innovative company, always looking for new solutions and opportunities that would shorten the transportation time and saved our customers’ money. This is the overriding objective of our presence in Iran. - Indicates Tadeusz Chmielewski and adds: -We believe that our strong commitment at the beginning of the process of rebuilding trade relations between Poland and Iran will soon build efficient supply chains, including key economies of the world. A global network of ROHLIG declared its full support for our initiative.