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SUUS Logistics connecting continents

Just like Russia connects Europe and Asia, SUUS Logistics acts as a bridge between continents. Namely, currently Russian branch is cooperating with Rohlig Group in Canada in the shipment of very important electric equipment for a hydroelectric power station going from the South East of Canada across the Atlantic Ocean to Eastern Siberia. So, the 13-ton cargo starts the train ride in a small town of Pickering to the east of Toronto and heads for the port of Montreal to continue its almost 8000 - km voyage by sea to the port of Saint Petersburg.

In Russia it undergoes the transit procedure which is the key one in the whole route. Firstly, the goods are handled by SUUS Logistics team, followed by seamless transit formalities flow ensured by direct contracts with both an ocean carrier and a stevedoring company. After these important operations the cargo is dispatched for 4650 km by train to the city of Krasnoyarsk to clear through customs and continue the way by road to the regional hydroelectric power station. The cargo left Canada in the middle of October and is expected to arrive at the final destination in the middle of December. We will keep you posted!

ROHLIG Group is a global logistics network, with a headquarter in Bremen, focused on intercontinental air & sea freight. Its history began in Germany back in the middle of the 19th century and managing offices in 5 continents by the beginning of the 21st century. SUUS Logistics (Russia) and its parent company ROHLIG SUUS Logistics (Poland)-a financially independent partner of ROHLIG & Co-act as reliable agents within the network.