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SUUS Logistics exports cargo from the Vladimir region to the Republic of South Africa

In the 2nd half of April using its advantageous location in Saint Petersburg SUUS Logistics in close cooperation with Rohlig Germany and Rohlig Grindrod (South Africa) carryed out an overseas transportation of 7 t of fiberglass mesh items from a small town in the European part of Russia to Durban - the biggest seaport in the east of SA.

The shipper is a Russian-German manufacturer of construction and road maintenance materials, and the consignee is a big manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of abrasive products in the global market.

The goods required special treatment and certain temperature during the whole way. That is why they were delivered  by road from the Vladimir region to the port of Saint Petersburg in a refregirated container with constant temperature of +15 C. Then the container was reloaded  to the vessel and shipped to the destination point. Despite the increase of service costs in the market and the fact that it took the shipper some extra time to prepare the goods for dispatchment, due to flexible work and reliable cooperation with our partners, we managed to keep the cost of the shipment  for our customer  within limits.

The delivery to Durban is expected in early June.